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Dear John and Stuart,

Sorry but I am unsure whom I should be contacting over this. We are still using Recorder-2002 and, in the main, are using the Recorder-3 dictionary with the latest version of 2002. We have recently found a number of species entries in the Rec-3 Dictionary which have multiple entries (up to 9) for the same species name (exactly) but with different NBN keys). Searching for these species in Recorder-2002 on the Rec-3 dictionary produces blank results panes (either all white or all blue).

Currently, I do not know whether these same problems occur in Recorder-6 or on the NBN Online Dictionary.

The problem species are:

With 9 entries each:
Pycnoscelus surinamensis; Periplaneta australasiae; Periplaneta americana; Supella superllectilium; Blatella germanica; Blatta orientalis; Ectobius panzeri; Ectobius pallidus; Ectobius lapponicus;

With 2 entries each:
Mycena flavoalba; Stellaria nemorum; Tubaria furfuracea; Christiansenia tumefaciens; Boletus satanas; Coprinus plagioporus; Agaricus silvaticus; Coprinus friesii; Christiansenia pallida; Calocera pallidospathulata; Crinipellis stipitaria; Calathella eruciformis; Acer pseudoplatanus variegatum; Hygrocybe lacma; Gaillardia x grandiflora; Hygrophorus olivaceoalbus; Lavandula x intermedia; Efibulobasidium albescens; Macleaya x kewensis; and Hedera helix hibernica

Hope that helps.

Cheers and take care.

Steve  smile
P.S.: Has any other LRC seen or come across these species as a dictionary problem and can anyone tell me if teh dictionary updates in Rec-6 has fixed them ??
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Re: Rec-3 Dictionary Problem

Hi Steve,

I don't think John reads this forum. The best place to post this query would be on the Species Dictionary section of the NBN forum:

To answer your query about the dictionaries in R6: the Recorder 3 dictionary found in R6 is unchanged and as far as I am aware will remain that way; there are to be no more updates to it.