Topic: LERCs "holding data to ransom"

Hi All

My attention has been drawn to the following thread on the NBN Forum:

In case you can't access the forum it is a query from a recorder who wants their data made available as widely as possible, including via the NBN Atlas, but is disgruntled that his LERC is not responding to his requests/communications. They say:

"I have asked the organisation concerned whether this is a temporary dispute which can be resolved with NBN, or is simply irreconcilable, but unfortunately my emails are no longer being answered. I'm aware of the recent changes to LERC funding and, while this is greatly regrettable, I don't wish my data to be held to ransom."

Is there anyway ALERC can help identify the LERC in question and try to mediate to resolve the issue? I know the NBN forum is not widely read, but we need to ensure that LERCs are as co-operative as we can be in respecting the wishes of our data providers, and there is potential for reputational damage to this LERC or LERCs in general.

Of course, there may be a lot more to the story than meets the eye (there nearly always is), but the more swiftly this situation can be resolved, the better.


Adam Rowe
Manager, South East Wales Biodiversity Records Centre (SEWBReC), 13 St. Andrew's Crescent, Cardiff, CF10 3DB. T: 029 2064 1110