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Problem with Addins

While importing some records in to recorder 2002  I experienced an error and as a result Recorder does not recognise any addins.

The following message appears when I log in:

Re: Addins

Hi Helen,

Try uninstalling the already present add-ins first, then try re-installing.

If that doesn't work, could you elaborate on the error you had while importing?



Re: Addins

Hi Charles,

Thanks for your responce,

Unfortunatly Recorder 2002 wouldn't let me uninstal the Addins.

The error occured when i was trying to assign one determiner to the Records i was importing. An error box appeared and when i clicked ok Recorder shut down.

The last error text box says the following:  But i don't know if this is useful or not.

Exception occurred in application Recorder 2002 at 10/11/2006 16:21:58.
Version :

Exception path:
EAccessViolation : Access violation at address 00000014. Read of address 00000014

Last event\actions:
  TfrmIndOrg deactivated
  TfrmMDIContainer activated
  TfrmMDIContainer deactivated
  TfrmMDIContainer activated
  TfrmMDIContainer destroyed
  TfrmMDIContainer deactivated
  TfrmTaxonDictBrowser activated
  TfrmTaxonDictBrowser destroyed
  TfrmTaxonDictBrowser deactivated

Operating System : Windows 2000  5.00.2195  Service Pack 4
Physical Memory available : 261,560 KB

DLLs loaded:
  advapi32.dll (5.0.2195.7038)
  comctl32.dll (5.81.4916.400)
  comdlg32.dll (5.0.3700.6693)
  gdi32.dll (5.0.2195.7069)
  HHCtrl.ocx (5.2.3790.309)
  kernel32.dll (5.0.2195.7006)
  mpr.dll (5.0.2195.6824)
  MS4.Dll (
  MS4User.dll (
  ole32.dll (5.0.2195.7059)
  oleaut32.dll (2.40.4522.0)
  shell32.dll (5.0.3900.7071)
  user32.dll (5.0.2195.7032)
  version.dll (5.0.2195.6623)
  winmm.dll (5.0.2161.1)
  winspool.drv (5.0.2195.6659)