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It struck me from the Recorder Wishlist thread that it would be useful to put in place a mini project to develop a decent quantity of XML Reports for Recorder 'out of the box'.  Although Dorset Software could be commissioned to write all the reports, this would be an expensive solution and it may be more beneficial to train some users in report writing.  Dorset Software could run a workshop or small training course covering writing XML Reports and addition of custom report attributes.  Then the trained users would be free to go and write as many reports as they like.  A further suggestion is to nominate a 'report moderator' so that anyone who has written a report they feel could be used by the rest of the community can submit their reports for checking.  Once the report moderator has checked the report, Dorset Software can add the report to Recorder's upgrade kit for all users.  The report moderator could either be a key user, or someone from JNCC.

So, I'd be interested to know if there is any interest in us running a report workshop, and also what your thoughts are on the idea of nominating a 'report moderator' and starting up a mini project to develop lots of reports?

John van Breda
Biodiverse IT

Re: Recorder XML Reports

Count me in, I cannot get what I want out of the Wizard even after a long spell at the keyboard.
Can I suggest Mike Weideli & Charles Roper to provide some of the training as they've shown a willingness to share but not really had a vehicle (i.e. workshop) in which to do it.
I'd also be interested in getting at the model from the outside so as to take advantage of the more sophisticated report generation systems in other software (notably Access). I used to be magic at this but I've lost the connections with the underlying data (a topic in itself perhaps) and I'd really like to move back to making progress with my MapInfo/Access/ExeGesIS application.
Something similar for GIS would be handy too but I'll wait to see what happens to this one before suggesting it.


Darwyn Sumner

Re: Recorder XML Reports

Further to this, I had a wee session with Sally Rankin last week who showed me very briefly some of the potential for using .xml reporting. As explained to her then, although we're not quite at this stage with our dataset yet, the time is coming.

Are there any plans or even a consensus to run some workshops? Failing that, then a wee 'getting started kit' such as text editors, basic syntax etc would be really handy. Not only for generating reports, but also tracking down potential bugs from using the report wizard.

Cheers now, Rob.

Rob Bradley

Re: Recorder XML Reports

Did this get much further in terms of setting up a moderator? What about the workshops idea? I am due to have some training next week in xml report writing but wonder where these ideas got to?



Brian Miller
BMERC Manager

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I think the idea would need to be owned and championed by someone, i.e. someone needs to work out roughly what the workshop would entail, how much it would cost and then go around to see how much interest there was in such a thing. Otherwise I think the idea will simply stagnate.


Re: Recorder XML Reports

Rob, when you say 'getting started kit' do you mean specifically for XML Reports, or do you mean general help with SQL and XML?

Re: Recorder XML Reports

Hi there Charles,

Well, both I think would be handy in the longer term, however in light of what Sally was showing me the other day, probably the XML is a better starting point.

I'm literally in the process of writing the second edition of our manual for Reserve Manager use, which basically entails making the report generation section as readable as possible whist still trying to be comprehensive.

For example, in the old version, I say "For more help look up the R6 help files." Well, I've found there are around 52 pages relating to reports in there which is the same length as the original manual.

Then I've discovered that I've never actually used the Report designer before. Working through that example myself is confusing, let alone for folk who are completely new to R6.

Rob Bradley