Topic: Creative Commons Licenses

People will have noticed the article in this month's eNews about data licences.  This is quite a significant departure from the original system and should make things a lot easier for all concerned.  The article can be found here … erNBNeNews.  I have asked the Gateway team about how many of the data providers adopting the new licence are LERCs, and quite a few are (nine) of which six are members.  Most of the members have opted to use the non commercial licence, which means that people can't use the data for commercial purposes.  This seems to be in line with what most non-LERC data providers are thinking also.

I would advise ALERC members to have a look at this, and to find out more about what Creative Commons licences mean for them.  Further information can be found in this article … teway.aspx.


Tom Hunt - ALERC National Coordinator

Re: Creative Commons Licenses

This is worth bearing in mind as it adds to the confusion... "Data supplied through an enhanced access request will not be subject to the public access license"

Charlie Barnes
Information Officer
Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership