Topic: Turning lat-longs into readable words...

Interesting website looking to make a mark by 'humanising' lat-long references - at a stated resolution of 3m x 3m. Each 'square' is given a combination of unique 3 words to define it. And of course being lat-long it's a global referencing system.

What3Words website

There's an app too (at least on Android).

I'm currently sat having lunch in the DGERC office at condition.magical.recovery and earlier this summer I found some rather nice Betony plants flowering nearby at starfish.hammer.chicken

Could we be receiving records with what3words references in future? Certainly less 'dry' than grid refs but it does appear to lack the ability to vary spatial precision.

And before anyone looks I'm told they removed offensive words...


Mark Pollitt
SWSEIC (formerly DGERC)

Re: Turning lat-longs into readable words...

We seem to be at pint.eager.second

*lost for words*

Maria Longley
Community Manager
Greenspace Information for Greater London CIC (GiGL)

Re: Turning lat-longs into readable words...

I would have thought a better approach would have been to define levels of precision using the number of words - add a word to increase the precision, but I guess it's aimed more at "where am i" rather than "it's somewhere here".

(from wrenching.flippers.punctuate)

Charlie Barnes
Information Officer
Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership

Re: Turning lat-longs into readable words...

We work from    Behave.Megawatt.Sport

Lizzy Peat