Topic: Weighting species

A quick question as there is a very short turn around on this.

Has anyone got any experience of, or references to paper/work which weights species according to their designation when mapping for the purpose of assessing priority areas.

I reaslise there are a whole host of other issues involved with the process but for now i am just interested in whether or not there are existing weighting methodologies. To date i have the Nottingham LWS selection guidance which references weighting and a paper from some US work assessing priority areas for breeding birds.

Thanks in advance!

Ben Deed - LERC Officer
Merseyside BioBank

Re: Weighting species

Hi Ben I have a report relating to this I wrote last year on weighting invertebrates to assess Sites of Invertebrate Significance. I'll email you a copy now.

Teresa Frost
WeBS National Organiser, BTO. NFBR Council Member.

Re: Weighting species

Hi Ben May not be exactly what you had in mind but the SSSI guidelines (and some LWS guidelines, including Lancashire), assign weights (scores) to breeding bird species (based on population size) as a mechanism for identifying important breeding assemblages.

Re: Weighting species

Hi Teresa,
Any chance I could get a copy of that report too? We are re-visiting LWS criteria and the invert section could do with something like a weighting system.