Topic: Manage Access Requests- Question

I receive lots of Access Requests to the datasets we have uploaded.

Sometimes we are asked to provide access for a very specific species from one of our datasets- sometimes we would be happy to allow full access to the one species of interest to the requestor, for the purpose stated.
However. If I grant access to their request- Does the User then have full access to the whole data set, whatever the words they use?

I have been assuming yes- I grant access, they get the full dataset.
Is this correct?


Lizzy Peat

Re: Manage Access Requests- Question

Hi Lizzy,

The requester should only get access to the data they have requested. On requesting they should be setting a number of filters once you grant access to the request it is for the filtered data only. E.g. if i asked you for improved access to all your records of Peacock butterfly on a particular site and you granted it, i would receive improved access only to Peacock butterfly records defined by that site boundary.

This is also why you may get requests from elsewhere in the country. Quite often people forget to set the geographic filter and accidentally ask for records for the whole country!

When you log in t administrate the request it should detail what is actually being asked for in addition to, for example, the number of your records that will be

Ben Deed - LERC Officer
Merseyside BioBank