Topic: Consultant data and verification - please reassure us

There is a little bit of worry and apprehension amongst the NSS community regarding mechanisms to ensure that data incoming from Consultants passes through acknowledged experts for verification. Here's what Alan Stubbs has written to me:
"[i] I did not know that Consultants are now feeding data in

Darwyn Sumner

Re: Consultant data and verification - please reassure us

I did not know that Consultants are now feeding data in

In what way - some have always fed data in? Presumably this refers to the consultants portal:

The system enables consultants to share their records without any extra effort.  Data will be shared via the NBN Gateway and made available to national recording schemes and local environmental records centres.

We recently sent all of our diptera data to our two coordinators in Lincs, but this was a substantial dataset.

Charlie Barnes
Information Officer
Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership

Re: Consultant data and verification - please reassure us

AFAIK the consultants portal will use verification from the national schemes via iRecord so if that is what is referred to you could pass Alan on to BRC Darwyn - with hoverflies for example they are already set up on the iRecord warehouse so presumably will verify it there. Unless the system for the consultants portal will be different and unverified data will go on the Gateway? LRCs are not involved except as potential data users.

Consultant data that comes directly to an LRC and has done previously, will go through the individual LRC's same verification processes as from any other record source.

On a related note, at Dipterists Forum before Christmas I gave a talk on the topic of dataflow between LRCs and NSSs for diptera. As usual I'm afraid my slides don't mean much on their own but they are here if you want to have a look - used your county recorder map thanks Darwyn. … w.pdf?dl=0

We had a nice discussion afterwards. At least some of the scheme organisers want to get LRC data via the Gateway in future rather than directly (hoverflies) but don't know if that is true of all.

I wondered what would happen to diptera records entered on iRecord in any of its guises for species groups without a NSS, as the policy is for schemes to control Gateway upload...

Teresa Frost
WeBS National Organiser, BTO. NFBR Council Member.

Re: Consultant data and verification - please reassure us


All data going into the BRERC databases is validated and verified by BRERC as well as the various other processes we use which include local, regional and national expertise.  It sounds as though the data being referred to is veing accessed via a different route and not through LERCs.

Tim Corner

Re: Consultant data and verification - please reassure us

The consultant portal does indeed use iRecord and the verification is carried out through the facilities available there. We've been working closely with all of the VCRs or other appropriate experts willing to use iRecord in Sussex, offering training and advice, and we continue to closely monitor and support the effort. Some VCRs needs lots of support and chivvying, while others tend to just get on with it. In some cases we do the verification in-house. Overall it's a collaboration between the experts and us. So we're very much involved in the whole process: gathering, verification and end-use.