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Topic: GBIF vs Fauna Europea

I recently wrote an article on the topic of "Worldwide Biogeography" in Dipterists Forum Bulletin #78. A tricky topic to deal with in a couple of pages and it's been called "dense" but I felt the need for a reference point regarding the current state of affairs regarding tools, methods and online data stores etc.. Few of my audience of dipterists will have much interest in it and it's even a bit off-topic for typical ALERC readers (ask me if you want a copy) but it might be useful for the next person contemplating the writing of a book where the chapter on "distribution" is lacking maps or a UK recorder wants to put their taxon distribution into a European or world-wide context.
The purpose of this posting is to look for anyone who knows a little more about the relationships between GBIF and Fauna Europea (http://www.faunaeur.org/about_fauna_intro.php). I think we have a fair grasp of GBIF, UK NBN data is fed to it at intervals and we've recently been involved in a GBIF consultation about licensing. There's no means of adding data to it in any other way than through this NBN arrangement, for example no way to pop your French records onto their system.
I did understand that the data behind the facilities on the Fauna Europea website was simply pulled from GBIF but this has been called into question by a respondent to my article (I'm calling a 1 in 400 response a success!).
Are they different?
In what way are they different?
According to my respondent "FE was compiled by specialists in each family so theoretically only includes national records regarded by them as authentic, though there are numerous cases of species listed as British in error or omitted when they do occur, some authors of the original 2004 version not having seen the 1998 checklist, so probably many errors with respect to other countries. Some families have been brought up to date and corrected since then, though admittedly the 10 families I contributed have not yet been updated since I submitted them in 2004 - I've updated the European checklist for them but not the database yet. Did GBIF even exist when FE was produced?"
So if you've any familiarity with these two systems I'd love to hear from you - an item in the next Dipterists Forum Bulletin perhaps? or maybe NBNT might pick this one up as a topic of broader interest (is this where we find out there's also a Flora Europea and countless others?)

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