Topic: BlioBlitz planning resources

Bristol Natural History Consortium have provided some resources to assist in planning and evaluating BioBlitzes.  These can be accessed here: … N38yICXABa.

The resources consist of:

01 Gateway to Biological recording
A toolkit for encouraging further participation in wildlife recording beyond the event. This definitely needs more work so any feedback is great!

02 Making your data count
A toolkit for more effective biological recording. If you are able to implement some of these things in your BioBlitz and feedback on how it went that would be great.

03 Questionnaire
Please can you print out some of these and collect data at your event. We are targeting a 10% sample of your audience and there is a crib sheet for volunteers collecting data (03a). I can reimburse print costs. I have found that it is helpful to get volunteers to take these on walks/activities to be filled in at the end as it gives you a bit more of a captive audience.

04 Mailing list sign-up sheet
Please can you use this to collect email addresses at your event. The mailing list is for a monthly newsletter promoting opportunities to get involved with citizen science and biological recording as well as BioBlitz events. We have some bug hunting kits as prize draw prizes to encourage more signups.

05 Volunteering at BioBlitz
A guide for volunteers with hints and tips for volunteering at BioBlitz events. Please can you send this around to your volunteers alongside your own briefing and maybe print a couple out to share with them on the day.


Tom Hunt - ALERC National Coordinator