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From Tania Walisch in Luxembourg:

Dear participants at the first international Recorder conference, *We would like to inform you that the Luxembourg National Museum of Natural History launches a call for partners for the built of a corporate Recorder Web.
In 2004 the Museum designed a Recorder Web toolkit with Dorset software.
The team was assisted by Recorder experts Stuart Ball (JNCC) and Charles Copp (EIM). Organizations, field recorders and public institutions from different European countries have since expressed their interest in a Recorder Web toolkit. Luxembourg can certainly contribute towards the built of it, but cannot pay for the whole development. Therefore we launch a call for corporate finance of the built of Recorder Web.

A brief overview of the Recorder Web toolkit

Recorder web is an internet based version of Recorder which allows simple recording of taxon and biotope observations and of collection specimens. It also allows reporting and distribution mapping for users who are not comfortable with the complexity of desktop Recorder.

With the Recorder Web toolkit any organization anywhere in the world could create its own Recorder Web site and configure data entry forms, reports, base maps, spatial reference systems, images, a list of localities, a style sheet for the site

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