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I sent this email out a few weeks ago:

Sarah Taylor from Natural England has been in contact regarding a priority habitat climate change vulnerability model.  She would be interested to hear your comments and thoughts on potential use of the model.  Notes from Sarah are below and a summary is attached.  Her email address is contained in the summary.  The link to the full documentation is … ment.aspx.  Whilst this is obviously a project conducted in England, it may be of interest to people in other parts of the UK, especially if similar projects are going on there.  Sarah would be interested in hearing from you whatever part of the UK you are in.

Sarah says:

Natural England has developed a new map-based modelling approach to help assess the vulnerability of priority habitats to climate change. The National Biodiversity Climate Change Vulnerability Model (NBCCVM) indicates the relative vulnerability of priority habitats in different areas and helps guide interventions which can increase their resilience. The development of the NBCCVM aims to provide:

Tom Hunt - ALERC National Coordinator

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