Topic: Data access requests

Are any other LRC managers being driven mad by these? I've had lots of incoming requests, some of which have clearly been made in error and cause a surprised response when I grant them.... and this week I sent out 4 requests for access, with a relevant note, and have just received a "granted" email for a completely different dataset, and have looked in My Account to check it.... and found about 10 others, all with the same message and for an apparently random range of datasets in addition to the ones I wanted. Plus, there doesn't seem to be any way of checking who I've actually "asked". So, apologies in advance to anyone who gets an inexplicable access request message from GCER. I won't have known it was to you!

I'm hoping that something can be done about the access system, which is really irritating at the moment. It's wasting peoples' time, and doesn't exactly look professional. Does anyone know of any plans to improve it? For example, the ability to retract a request, at least until the system is improved, would be very useful. Or, why not simply have people contact data providers directly if they really need access? It's what most LRCs would prefer, as far as I can tell...


Linda Moore
Gloucestershire Centre for Environmental Records