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Dear all,
I have one recorder site ID which used to be a subsidiary / slave database.  Now I plan to use the PC for main queries instead.  A simple fix of copying my main / full  nbndata  file onto the PC works in terms of data integrity.  All records present !  However,  this simple fix seems to cause havock with the map tiles,  prompting a re-install.

Any ideas ?


Herefords BRC


Re: Recorder database & map tiles

Hi Steve,

When you say "cause havock" I guess the map tiles did not load properly?

I wonder if it could be a registry setting?

If you run "regedit" from the Start menu -> run from the Windows task bar, then naviagate to the following entry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> JNCC -> Recorder -> Settings

then have a look at the entries for Base Map Path & Map File Path. They should point to where the map tiles are located on the hard disk. Check to see if they match the actual, current location of the map tiles. If not, double click the entry to edit the path.

Hope this helps.

Re: Recorder database & map tiles

Also, did you actually copy the map tiles themselves across?


Re: Recorder database & map tiles

The problem now seems sorted,  after some advice from Charles Roper,  Dave Cope and Sally Rankin.  Thanks very much to them.  The solution was to identify the correct paths in the MAPSHEET table within nbndata,  and locate the correct COMPUTER_ID field too,  after first copying the maptiles files from one workstation to another.