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Topic: HLU Testing Weirdness

Although I didn't use the tool correctly the error was minor and it seems to have completely thrown the tool.

I was testing the NVC Codes (K102) thing. This is fine. But I think I tried clicking in the legacy habitat box and just after pressed S. The habitat changed to Eutrophic standing water. I discarded the changes. I then reselected the polygon and made the origianl changes again. This wouldn't save - it says failed to updaye the history table. I think this is a new error. It might be through improper use but I don't think it should fall over from something as simple as accidently pressing a key.

While I can update other polygons OK this one refuses.

After this happened every polygon I select but leave unchanged it asks if I want save changes.

Graham Hawker
Thames Vallley Environmental Records Centre

Re: HLU Testing Weirdness

Hi Graham

I suspect there are several different things go on here:

1. The legacy field is read-only and cannot be enabled so any reference to this is probably a read herring.  If you clicked on this field it won't have done anything with the tool and won't even have made this field the current 'focus'.

2. What was the Habitat code before you pressed the 's' key?  It is possible that the Habitat field was the field that had 'focus' and so pressing the key may have selected the next available habitat in the list (and hence changed the value).  However, none of the standing water habitat codes start with 's' so it shouldn't have selected any of them.  If you have pressed 'a' then I can see that the tool would select the next available 'AS' standing open water code - e.g. it could have gone from 'AS4' to 'AS41'.

3. The failure to update the history table does sound like an error - if you let me know the INCID that you were trying to update I will investigate and try and re-create it with your data.

4. The prompt to save changes is likely to be unrelated to the above issue unless you are selecting features from the same INCID.  Is it possible that the features/INCIDs that you are selecting have BAP 'None' values where the determination quality is being automatically over-written by the tool?  If you let me know some INCIDs I will check them.


Andy Foy
Ecologist & IT consultant
Andy Foy Consulting (ex-HBIC)

Re: HLU Testing Weirdness

Hi Andy

The problem is I don't know what I was doing (no change there then).

The legacy field was blank so it must have been one of the unmapped MasterMap polygons. I don't know where the foucs was or even why I pressed "s". I'd describe it as a random accident but it left things in the odd state mentioned. I'll try to recreate this error and report back.

Graham Hawker
Thames Vallley Environmental Records Centre