Topic: Data access requests and downloads by ecological consultants

I'm aware of two consultants who have made access requests and/or downloaded data from the new NBN Gateway today.

One has already been contacted and informed that the NBN Gateway Terms and Conditions prohibit commercial use of the data without written permission from the data providers.  I will contact the other one shortly.

I will post something on the CIEEM and UK Environmental Professionals LinkedIn groups to let people know that all downloads and access requests are instantly visible to the data provider, including the email address of the person who made the access request or data download, and that the T&Cs of the Gateway haven't changed just because we've launched a new version of the website. 

Please note that if you have received access requests or download notifications, you will find the e-mail address for the person who made the request on the dataset administration pages on the NBN Gateway under 'view dataset access history' or 'view download log'.  If you have any concerns that it may be a consultant using data for commercial purposes, please do contact them.

As a separate issue, the access request and download functionality has been temporarily 'switched off' anyway - this is because there was a problem with the spatial filter, which some of you have already commented on via the NBN forum (thank you!).  This is now being fixed, and downloads and access requests will be switched back on when it is.

Best wishes

Re: Data access requests and downloads by ecological consultants

We have had 2 cases now of Consultants downloading datasets for "Ecological data searches".  I have contacted both (1 apologetic and 1 blase) who I think were suprised I knew what thay had done.  I hope the message will quickly get round the consultancy grapevine.  In the meantime it just adds time to an already busy day to E mail these miscreants and explain the error of their ways.  ERCIS will monitor the situation and review the issue in a week or so once the new Gateway has settled.

Re: Data access requests and downloads by ecological consultants

Thought I would just say how amazed I was at the speed of the response (17 minutes) I received from Paula after I had sent through some comments yesterday concerning the above issues.

Knowing Paula I was less amazed at how good the response was which was very good and reassuring.

Well done

Tim Corner