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Apparently (and I've noticed this, on-and-off for a while now) SmartGroups have been having sporadic problems relating to the non-delivery/non-acceptance of emails. There

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I got an update from the SmartGroups admin team:

Dear Members,

The service is functioning although still not at normal levels. The developers have identified a 'possible cause' and will be working to fix it tomorrow. We are hopeful that this will lead to full restoration of the service but at this stage can't give timelines for full resolution. Please continue to send service reports to the support manager's group. This information is proving very useful in helping us to diagnose the faults.

We are sorry that some emails may be delivered slowly and some emails may be lost. We will continue to update members on the service status on this page.

Thank you for your patience.

The Admin Team

So don't hold your breath if you're sending emails to the Recorder Smartgroup - they probably won't get through. A couple I sent have simply never arrived.



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Thanks for the update. There were a couple of emails tihs morning. I thought the group had just gone quiet.