Topic: Changes to OS OpenSpace Developer Agreement

This may be of interest to some:

We are going to be making some changes to the OS OpenSpace Developer Agreement with effect from 29 July. The changes should not affect how you currently use the OS OpenSpace service, but they may provide you with additional rights under certain circumstances


b)    Current terms prohibit the use of Web Applications by Developers for their internal business administration. We have removed this restriction which means that provided the Application is publicly accessible, not behind a firewall, does not operate on an internal network only and complies with all other restrictions in the Agreement, for example, it must not result in any unacceptable financial gain, it may be used for internal business administration. Sites that collect end-user submitted information can also be used by the business. For example, an online wildlife conservation application that enables the general public to submit sightings (locations) of rare species may be used by a business to populate a database.

Interesting example!

Charlie Barnes
Information Officer
Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership

Re: Changes to OS OpenSpace Developer Agreement

Yes it is; what did also surprise me was I was not aware of some of the restrictions that were in place. No doubt there are still some that I should be aware of.

Tony Price
Data Manager, Somerset Environmental Records Centre (SERC)