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As mentioned over on the Recorder SmartGroup, it was decided that a Recorder Working Group be formed to improve the consultation process and relationship between all involved in the Recorder project. The group is intended to be for experienced and technically proficient users/developers of Recorder, hence I'm posting this on the tech forum, rather than the smartgroup. Obviously, such a group would get bogged down if it became too large, but I think its essential to bring on board some of the expertise and experience we have on this forum, so I'd like to invite anyone interested to put your names forward.

I'm unsure as yet as to how the group will manifest itself, but judging by an email I received from John van Breda, the idea is that communication will be carried forward by any means possible - email, meetings and even Skype meetings.


Re: Recorder Working Group

Although I don't have the IT background, I am working with a wide variety of people to implement R6 throughout the Trust. Further to this I'm happy to add input as raised from both the user and admin perspectives.

Whether this falls into the remit, I'm not sure, what d'ye think?

Rob Bradley


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I would be happy to contibute what I can. I think it would be good if the working group could have a forum under the proposed Recorder web site for initial communication, if that is possible.

Re: Recorder Working Group

Thanks Rob and Dave. I'll suggest a forum as a means of communication and put your names forward for the working group.