Topic: Biodiversity Informatics White Paper: first draft

There is a biodiversity informatics white paper in the works you may wish to read and/or comment on:

This document is a white paper on biodiversity informatics that is intended to inform funding organisations about the priorities as perceived by practitioners in the field.

You can find it here:

Here is the original email I received to give you a bit of back story.

Dear all,

we have drawn together the initial ideas and contributions people have made into a first draft here:

The format we've chosen to use follows the LERU report (link is on the first page of the Googledoc) which pitches a bullet point followed by a supporting paragraph.  Inevitably this is too short to take much of the argument made in some contributions.  I suggest that people can either tidy up their chapters and we bundle them in an annex or I'll try and edit them from notes into English and keep them as available.

Note also the details of the public meeting in Brussels on 17th July.  Details on the Googledoc.

Please modify the document directly, but log into Google or otherwise identify yourself so that we can add you to Annex 1 (list of contributors).

Cheers, Dave Roberts
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