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Topic: LRC boundaries on the Gateway

I have been asked whether it would be possible to upload LRC boundaries on to the NBN Gateway.  The reason for this is to enable local record centres to use the Gateway web-services to display species distribution maps for their area on their websites.

I have therefore produced a draft set of generalised LRC boundaries for England.  These are based on administrative boundaries, with the exception of Cheshire which includes vice-county 58.  I would appreciate it if LRCs, particularly those interested in being able to show such distribution maps on their website, could validate the boundary for their area.

The boundary dataset can be downloaded here: (Updated 15/6/09)

http://rapidshare.com/files/244771053/L … region.zip

Please respond either through this forum or directly to my email address: [email protected]

Re: LRC boundaries on the Gateway

Hi Richard,

The file doesn't work - the zip appears to be corrupt or something like that. What I can say is that certain LRCs (such as ourselves) include more than one county; we cover both West and East Sussex (VCs 13 and 14 respectively) for instance. Thames Valley ERC covers even more. So, our boundary needs to include these two VCs as one.


Re: LRC boundaries on the Gateway

Thanks Charles, the ZIP file seems to work from here.  It's possibly a problem with the length of the file names.  The shapefile of the draft boundaries can be downloaded here:

http://nbn.nrdb.co.uk/LRC_boundaries.zip (508kb)

West and East Sussex Vice Counties seem to be encompassed within the modern administrative boundaries.  Any other feedback would be appreciated.


Re: LRC boundaries on the Gateway

Hi Charles,

Thank for uploading the boundary. This is very useful.
We are trying to extract our data for each boundaries and send them to other lrcs.

Many thanks



Re: LRC boundaries on the Gateway

Since the NBN Gateway update last Friday, the Local Records Centre boundary dataset now includes a link to each LRC