Topic: Mendeley Desktop

Does anyone use this -
It was recommended to me by Adrian Plant at Cardiff Museum as a preferred system of storing all one's papers (publications, references, pdfs etc.)
It's not bad, it kind of assumes that you are working in the medical field and that you have an infinite budget to buy downloaded pdfs from all and sundry but it can come in handy if you want to keep track of stuff you already have, stuff you see on websites (it has a system which automatically sucks details out of certain kinds of website pages) or even stuff you have in paper-only. It can store links to websites alongside each paper and output lists of references in a number of styles.
It has a lot of potential for serious taxonomic stuff (which is what Adrian does - and me to a lesser extent) but what cripples me is half of the stuff I find that I'd like to read costs a fortune to download - ho hum.
One of its features is the ability for one to set up groups in a similar way to LinkedIn so potentially a group of us could share things we have found.
I'll give you an example of one thing I found recently that might be of interest (but it costs $43 to download):
Carling, R.C.J. & Harrison, J. (2007) Biodiversity Information on the Internet: Cornucopia or Confusion?
(Mendeley downloaded the abstract too: "The range of information on biodiversity currently available via the Internet is reviewed and its accessibility, usefulness and relevance to biodiversity research and to policy decision making assessed. Commercial and non-commercial databases are reviewed. The future of information via the net is also reviewed, in particular the role of the `Clearing House Mechanism' of the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Biodiversity Conservation Information System.") all at
If anyone else decides to give Mendeley a go, do let me know and we'll try the "sharing thing"

Darwyn Sumner