Topic: User Query: Records with specific ID

While tracking back to find errors when importing to R6 I found it necessary to be able to go right to the precise record. This query prompts for the record ID. If you are the owner you should be able to edit the record.

SELECT [Taxa\Default].Code AS Code, [Taxa\Default].Taxon, [Taxa\Default].Vernacular, [Taxa\Default].Authority, Recorders.Name AS Recorder, [Sites\Default].Name AS Site, [Sites\Default].OSGridRef AS Gridref, [Sites\Default].[10kSquare], [Sites\Default].ViceCounty, IIf([Records].DateTo-[Records].Date<27,Format([Records].Date,'dd mmm yyyy'),IIf([Records].DateTo-[Records].Date>32,Format([Records].Date,'yyyy'),Format([Records].Date,'mmm yyyy'))) AS [Date], Records.Quantity, TaxonStage.Stage, RecordStatus.Status, Records.Comment
FROM ((((Records INNER JOIN [Taxa\Default] ON Records.[*Taxon] = [Taxa\Default].[_guk]) INNER JOIN [Sites\Default] ON Records.[*Site] = [Sites\Default].[_guk]) INNER JOIN Recorders ON Records.[*Recorder] = Recorders.[_guk]) INNER JOIN TaxonStage ON Records.[*Stage] = TaxonStage.[_guk]) INNER JOIN RecordStatus ON Records.[*Status] = RecordStatus.[_guk]
WHERE Records.[_guk] = [Enter ID];

Tony Price
Data Manager, Somerset Environmental Records Centre (SERC)

Re: User Query: Records with specific ID

Thanks for that Tony. You can do something similar from MapMate's data entry window - from the "Records" menu choose "Find Record from Key ...".


Martin Harvey