Topic: User Query: Records for a 1km sq sorted taxonomically

One of our specialist recorders has pointed out that there are no queries to show 1km data or to sort taxonomically. I suspect that the taxonomic sorting that could be achieved might be restricted to the group name [vascular plants etc] rather than a taxonomic hierarchy.

Does anyone have the skills/knowledge required to draft such a query? I would love to know if there is any documentation around that explains the syntax/structure too.

I have seen the User.mdb but I can't edit data there, otherwise I could make queries there. Many of the predefined ones are queries of queries. SO I'm wondering if anyone has made notes or has examples they have made that they are willing to share.


Tony Price
Data Manager, Somerset Environmental Records Centre (SERC)

Re: User Query: Records for a 1km sq sorted taxonomically


If you go to my website: … apmate/sql

you should be able to find the SQL for a query "Browse all Records for <1km-square> " and its associated sub-query "1kSquareList ".

Another version of a 1km-square query can be downloaded from the BSBI's MapMate resources page:

Taxonomic sorting across all taxonomic groups is tricky in MapMate because the MM species dictionary is structured in a rather inconsistent way. Some of the queries on my website do include an element of taxonomic sorting, e.g. "Browse records with extra detail ". The fields produced by that query include:

- Classification1: three levels up the MapMate taxon hierarchy (NB that this will sometime produce a Phylum, sometimes an Order, and sometimes a Family, due to varying levels in the MapMate taxon hierarchy)
- Classification2: two levels up the MapMate taxon hierarchy
- Classification3: one level up the MapMate taxon hierarchy

I would be wary of trying to edit the User.mdb file direct, but what I do often do is link the MapMate tables to other access databases, and construct queries in the linked database.

For documentation you need the MapMate data model, which is downloadable from the MapMate website:

The BSBI have produced some very good guidance on SQL for MapMate but not sure if it is available to circulate, will see if I can find out.

And apologies for the self-promotion, but if you'd like to book me to run a MapMate training course in Somerset I'd be happy to discuss it!


Martin Harvey