Topic: Local Record Centre charging

As part of a review of our charging policy at Lincs ERC earlier in the year, I contacted other local record centres for a quote on a "standard" data request (see below*).  A number of respondents showed an interest in the results, so here they are:

(thanks to all those who responded!)


Search area, a 1km buffer from a 6-figure grid reference, providing:

- a spreadsheet of protected, local BAP and national BAP species records
- list of "local wildlife sites" (SNCIs, Local Wildlife Sites, County Wildlife Sites etc.)
- citations for the "local wildlife sites"

(assuming that there would be enough records returned to charge for the search if a "no data, no charge" policy is employed)

Charlie Barnes
Information Officer
Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership

Re: Local Record Centre charging

I have responded in the private section of the forum, here.

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Teresa Frost
WeBS National Organiser, BTO. NFBR Council Member.