Topic: Physical Split Again

I've just been testing splitting and merging.

On the first split it say "failed to update the GIS layer". There are two polygons in the GIS layer both with the same information. Selecting both brings up just one result in the HLU tool.

Graham Hawker
Thames Vallley Environmental Records Centre

Re: Physical Split Again

The error messages from v2.2.0 onwards have been amended to try and track this error down.  It is likely to be the same error you have experienced before where the message was "failed to update history table", but now the error is now being trapped earlier in the code.

Rose at SBIC has also been experiencing similar problems in the past which have continued with v2.2.0.  However, an initial attempt with v2.3.0 was successful.  If the problems re-occur for her using v2.3.0 in the next day or two I plan to go onsite at SBIC and try an debug the problem because I have not been able to reproduce the error on my system despite multiple attempts using TVERC and SBIC data.

I'll keep you informed of progress either way.

Andy Foy
Ecologist & IT consultant
Andy Foy Consulting (ex-HBIC)