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I know a lot of LRC people use the Gateway.  If you're like me then you actually use it for lots of different things, in lots of different ways, e.g. looking at a species distribution across the country, or the change of a distribution over time.  I would therefore strongly recommend you take the time to complete the User Review found here … r%202014_1.  It didn't take me very long to complete.

The review will close on the 14th November, so there is not that much time left to make your views heard.


Tom Hunt - ALERC National Coordinator

Re: Gateway User Review

The results of this consultation are out.

NBN news wrote:

The NBN Trust undertook a technical and user review between July and December 2014 to determine if the NBN Gateway is fit for purpose. That review had three main components:

    NBN Gateway User Review Questionnaire

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