Topic: Open Data and INSPIRE follow-up

As promised, here is a follow-up to my not-so-lightning-talk.

I've uploaded the slides here: … nd-inspire

A question I would like to ask: could we arrange some sort of group discount and/or grant on training if enough of us are interested?

Further links on Open Data, Linked Data and INSPIRE, and notes from the talk I gave at the SE LRC technical group meeting are here: … c20f4c9e1c

Key messages:

Open Data

* From the dawn of computing to present day there is a trend toward - and demand for - easier, faster, more convenient access. Those who embrace the change survive and flourish.
* Open data is an idea whose time has come, but we're just at the start.
* Open data is about clear, standard licensing.
* Open data is about best practice in data publishing -even if the end result is not necessarily open.
* Open data is about stimulating the demand for data and data-related services.
* Open data is about engaging with the wider - and growing - data industry.
* If data is made more accessible, demand for service and support of the data will increase.
* Obscurity is a greater threat than piracy.
* "Free"is eventually supplemented or replaced by paid-for services.
* Now is the time to invest in and understand Open Data, have a position, develop a strategy.
* LERCs should invest in Open Data training for staff (would make excellent CPD training)


* INSPIRE is poorly branded and presented, but the vision is an excellent one.
* INSPIRE is about creating a Europe-wide distributed database of spatial data - easy to discover, access and use.
* The technical guidance can be hard to understand, but there is now good quality practical guidance available.
* There are companies that make it very easy to host and publish INSPIRE data for a very reasonable price.
* INSPIRE is a great way of engaging with the Open Data movement - many LAs can and should publish much of their environmental data as open data.
* LAs need help with INSPIRE. LERCs have the skills necessary and the local connections and knowledge to get to grips with it. This is a great opportunity to add-value and cement our relevance.


* What is Open Data?
* Open Data training courses: (recommended starting point:
* Strategic overview and case studies of Open Data:
* Open Data Handbook:
* ODI Open Data Certification website:
* Open Data conformant licenses:
* UK Gov Licensing Framework: … ing/ukglf/
* Creative Commons:
* Peter Desmet on the problem with non-standard licensing 1:
* Peter Desmet on the problem with non-standard licensing 2: … enses.html
* Obscurity is a greater threat than piracy:

* INSPIRE LGA guidance: … 86/ARTICLE
* INSPIRE guidance (see Operational Guidance in particular):
* More about INSPIRE on
* MISO, an easy, inexpensive way to publish data to INSPIRE standards:

Re: Open Data and INSPIRE follow-up

Thank you Charles

I am aiming to send someone from BRERC to one of the training sessions you mentioned.

Very good.

Thank you for doing your bit.  I found it very helpful.

Tim Corner


Re: Open Data and INSPIRE follow-up

Thanks Tim - I appreciate the feedback, thank you. Glad it was helpful.

The ODI are running a "Training Discovery Day" on November 3 looks like it'll be an excellent introduction to open data: