Topic: Recorder usage survey

JNCC are conducting a review of the Recorder project and we are very keen to find out what use people are making of Recorder. We have created a simple executable program that will scan your installation of Recorder 2002 or Recorder 6 and return the results to JNCC.

The process is very straightforward and only takes a couple of minutes. No personal data, or biodiversity information is extracted, just summary statistics. The program writes its results to a plain text file (in XML format) so you can examine its contents with any text editor (e.g. Notepad, MS Word). It attempts to return this file to JNCC by uploading it to our web-site or sending it as an email attachment, so you should have nothing further to do beyond running the program.

If you use Recorder, please take part by downloading the reporter package and running the RecorderReporter.exe program. Instructions are included in the package in a ReadMe file. You can see the results at as they accumulate.

Getting a good response is important if we are to continue to provide a good level of support for Recorder.