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3.1.3 Reconfigurartion

This doesn't work. The run command just opens the folder. Nothing is reset. I'm sure I've tried this previously on a different PC and system and nothing happened then either with any switches. Also don't we have a reconfigure program now for this? If this is the way to do it it might be best to include the "Program Files (x86)" as this is so often the location these days.

3.3.1. Configuring Users
Doesn't this work differently now since the changes from CR9. I've not been able to test this because I'm already setup and can't unset myself and haven't got round to asking someone else to login on my PC and see what happens.

4. Change the name to Linking Access to SQL Server as this is what it is about.

Graham Hawker
Thames Vallley Environmental Records Centre

Re: Technical Guide Comments

These changes have now been applied and they should be on-line already.  You may need to refresh the PDF and on-line docs in your web browser after they have loaded because an older copy can still be cached in ReadTheDocs sometimes.

Andy Foy
Ecologist & IT consultant
Andy Foy Consulting (ex-HBIC)

Re: Technical Guide Comments

I just had a look into the latest technical guide. Well done I think.
Only some minor comments:

2.1.1. Hardware
Would it be helpful to give the system requirements also for network based systems like our Citrix at HBIC?

3. Configuration
Is it possible to read the current configuration somewhere? That would make it easier to set up a new user with the same configuration.

3.1. Database Connection
3. It would be helpful to explain, what the appropriate connection type would be.

3.1.1. Connecting to Microsoft Access
4. Is always