Topic: R2K2 to Rec6 MSDE transfer errors

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I have spent Wednesday performing the upgrade from R2K2 v2378 to Rec6 v668 as a standalone MSDE install, using the standard tools provided.

It came up with some errors in the UpgradeErrors.mdb database. I then spent all day yesterday trying to see what was going on and after talking with Sally Rankin was able to answer some of them (namely the Locations of Vice Counties, installed with the old import wizard in R2K2, but in by default in Rec6).

However, the following error tables had the following results (all are originally linked tables to indexes or the dictionary):

Biotope_List_Item (1 error, NBNSYS0000014736)
   This is not in the new database.

Index_Taxon_Group (5 errors)
    All are in the new database (so why an error?)

Index_Taxon_Synonym (31 errors)
    All are in the new database (so why an error?)

Taxon_Common_Name (5 errors)
    All are in the new database (so why an error?)

Taxon_List_Item (6 errors, although with original trial it only produced 5, which is what Sally has had before too, but I think is correct in producing the 6 errors!)
    All are in the new database, EXCEPT the additional one, NBNSYS0000172371 (so why an error?). Now with this one that is NOT in the database it is in the previous dictionary databases (that we have) BUT has no Taxon_Version_Key or Parent in those databases. I checked this out in the original Recorder 2000 v107 database and it was there with the same issues. It is now NOT in the database.

All the above errors (Index_Taxon_Group, Index_Taxon_Synonym, Taxon_Common_Name and Taxon_List_Item), which ARE in the new database, are all related, i.e. all have the same keys.

Taxon_Version (26 errors)
    All are in the new database (so why an error?)

From what I now understand from Sally and my investigations none of this is a direct problem for us because we do not have any determinations, occurrences etc related to these error keys. So we can use the database with confidence that all is there from the previous database, great.

However, it would have been nice to know these errors exist before spending the day investigating and that they are not a problem if isolated like in our case.

Will these errors be sorted in future updates?

Also, in regards to the Taxon_List_Item oddity does anyone else have this key error problem? I assume it has been deleted from the new database?

Many thanks


Brian Miller
BMERC Manager