Topic: Documents (or 2.7.2 REFERENCE in Copp, 2004)

= Formal references to published works.
This part of the data model and consequently this part of the Recorder 6 application only provides references to a published document and cannot be used to single out an individual page within that document.
If the same reference were entered 100 times for a 100 page document (as many users consider is an appropriate approach to fulfil their needs) then it would not be possible to reference an individual page.
This is due, in part, to the way that the Recorder 6 application presents its choices (i.e. one can only select author, year + about the first 35 characters of the title (except if one uses tooltips - and that does not include the page numbers).
One could guess from the list of choices and, after making a selection, check the tooltip display of the "document" on its "Internal documents" tab to ensure that the correct item had been selected.
This selection problem persists even when one accepts that the system is not intended to home in on individual page numbers or other subdivisions of a document. The "system supplied" list includes examples where the author, year and first 35 characters or so of the title are the same (Chandler).
The conclusion is that within the "Documents" function it is intended that a reference to a document be entered only once and that individual parts, sections and pages within that document may not be referenced separately in the "Sources" tab in Recorder 6.
If it were possible to insert a reference in the "Internal documents" portion of the "Sources" tab and then add parts, chapters, page references separately then this would become a far more useful facility and actually perform the function which many users want it to.

Re: Documents (or 2.7.2 REFERENCE in Copp, 2004)

THis is an aspect which I treat quite seroiusly. We're in the process of recruiting volunteers to digitise our back-catlogue of records & am writing quite strict protocols for these users to adhere to.

The principal reason is that we need to know if a paper record has been processed & create a link between it's physical location, description etc and it's electronic counterpart in Recorder.  From  the scoping exercise I conducted at the start of my contract, it appears that there are many copies of identical documents (namely management plans, which supply cross-references & Warden's reports which are just stuffed with records). To completely avoid entering the same data twice, which testing has shown can happen, I want clear links between source & entry.

The main method I use and other ideas are described here: … ageid=1997

How goes the metadatabase scheme btw?

Rob Bradley

Re: Documents (or 2.7.2 REFERENCE in Copp, 2004)

Darwyn, am I right in saying that a good solution to this problem would be to allow the page number, section or chapter to be specified on the Sources tab?  This way you should only need one copy of each document in the Documents list, but link to a specific page or chapter when you refer to it.
What do other users think?

John van Breda
Biodiverse IT