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Error code 23 -Incorrect object type & map doesn't open any more.

My hunch is that the last imported polygon looked like point data instead of a boundary. I don't have access to the GIS origin so am unable to check corruption there.

So, ideally it would be nice to delete that last polygon, afterall, I can see it in the handy new, map navigation tool "Unlinked polygon [ID: 212]". But no, I'm going to have to do a map reset, aren't I?

Now, I have all the backup files which are to be used for standalone setups & can use a rollbacked set of gsf & rucksack with linked boundaries which should only take half a day, but does anyone know of a way to remove a polygon from the Object Sheets? Oh, and Update Last Key Addin doesn't work either in this version of R6.

Fortunately my day was going well & it's not too urgent, but I'll wait for a day for anyone else to comment before carrying out that familiar, but horribly time consuming process...

Rob Bradley


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Hi Rob,

If your brave enough then this might work.  (You'll need to have MS access or a front end to MSDE/SQL server)

After backing up the DB open the MAP_SHEET table and you should see an entry for your polygon. Try deleting that row and see what happens.

Like I say - uncharted waters!

Hope this helps.


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Hi Rob,

The Map_Sheet table describes entire polygon layers and background layers, not individual polygons.  However, if you've broken a sheet by importing a bad polygon, then you could try setting the relevant Map_Sheet record's Remove_Sheet field to 1.  Then when you start the map up it should clear out the sheet automatically for you.

It might be easier to recover one sheet than the whole map.  Do you have backups of the files in your Object Sheet directory?  If so you could try recovering the sheet files from there.

Good Luck!

John van Breda
Biodiverse IT

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Re: Errors

Many thanks for all replies,

As we're looking to do a final server install, the problem is not too pressing. However I can only access the Map_sheet  table via the Enterprise Manager as we have persistent ODBC errors when trying to use Access. The key aspect here is while I'm gradually getting to grips with Access, the Server runs other applications which makes me uneasy about playing with things in there; the ICT folk have enough on their schedule without a non-critical task to teach me.

So, once I can get into the tables, I'll try both methods & let you know the result. My main priority for the next couple of weeks is writing the training manuals, together with a draft admin one as well. If there's any news about a dedicated R6 forum or error reporting I'd be really thankful.

In the meantime, thanks again & I'll update the thread when I can give you a watertight solution.

PS: on the Smartgroup, I'm noticing folk starting to title their posts with R6/2K-<Problem> ; this will hopefully make error tracking easier to search for. Is there the chance we can do a similar thing here?

ie: "Error Code 25": Polygons
or "Error>Reports>XML

something like that?

Cheers now, Rob

Rob Bradley