Topic: Recorder 6 licensing.


Can anyone explain Recorder licensing to me? As I understand it it's developed by the JNCC and the license is free but you can't get it from anyone without paying them money? I understand paying for installation, migration and support services but can you not get it from anywhere and install it yourself unsupported? I only want a development version that I can play around with. The server version's already paid for.

Cheers. Dan

Re: Recorder 6 licensing.


Is it an extra site ID you need, or an actual CD? From JNCC's point of view, the software is free, but they don't market it or sell it directly. I think it's sold to resellers for a nominal price (CD costs, p&p, admin, etc). The resellers then need to make up their costs for handling, postage and packing etc. I think the cheapest it can be purchased for is about