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Won't most NBII data and applications be available through once the NBII website is gone?

Some federal government data that has been made available in NBII databases and applications may be provided by the respective generating agencies to It is important to note that the mission of is "is to increase public access to high value, machine readable datasets generated by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government." Many NBII databases and applications were developed by partners using a range of data from multiple agencies and organizations, including state, regional, not-for-profit, academic, and private sector sources; generally, these data providers are not data sources in the current Once NBII goes offline, most non-federal data will have to be acquired individually from their sources.

With the termination of the NBII Program, is there no longer a national biodiversity network in the United States?

The NBII was established in the late 1990s to serve as a National network for biodiversity within the United States within the National Information Infrastructure Initiative. As a result of the Program's termination, no single, integrated point of access to federal and non-federal biological and biodiversity information within the United States will exist.

I often use the NBII site and tools to find general information on biodiversity, ecological issues, and plants/animals in various regions of the United States. What can I do now to find this information?

The NBII website and its databases and applications did provide various biological content focus areas on a national and regional level. These were supported by several partner organizations and due to the lack of Program funding, these content areas will no longer be supported and available. Due to the sheer number of resources that were made available through the NBII, we are unable to provide alternative recommendations for specific information needs.

A good lesson on the value of a biodiversity network with local nodes that isn

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