Topic: MapMate training videos from BSBI

I've been working with the Botanical Society of the British Isles to produce some MapMate training videos, and they're now live at:

Covers a variety of topics including setting up MapMate, data entry, analysis, syncing and mapping. Aimed particularly at people recording plants for BSBI, but should be applicable to anyone using MapMate. Many thanks to BSBI and Scottish Natural Heritage for supporting this work.

We may get a chance to do a few more later in the year, so if anyone has any requests to add to the series let me know. And of course if you find any errors in them we'd like to know about that as well.


Martin Harvey

Re: MapMate training videos from BSBI

Another nine videos have just been added to the BSBI MapMate support site ( covering:
- Updates and patches
- Compact/repair operations
- Custom queries
- Text file import 1
- Text file import 2
- Generation numbers and archiving
- Mapping hydrology features
- Mapping contour features
- Using picture maps

Martin Harvey