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Topic: Filing systems

Another wee trawl for advice really, my scoping exercise has another few weeks to run & then I'll be getting R6 up & running in addition to developing a paper & electroninc filing system for wildlife records throughout the Trust in the New Year, (hangover permitting, of course!). From talks with various users, I'm increasingly thinking of developing a slight variation on how things are already done  (ie species-specific sub-folders in the "Habitats & Species" files), with a subtle difference; I want the electronic & R6 system to mirror the paper files,-there's some chicken & egg stuff here that I don't really want to get into!

From a user perspective, if everthing's the same, there's less thinking time & more work done;
From an admin perspective IF anyone thinks too much & screws things up , it should be simpler to ID where to start looking.

The principal reason I'm putting the thoughts out to you is that I've got this unique challenge of setting up location , observation & survey hierarchy from scratch for all 127 Reserves thorughout Scotland.
By the way, the current running total so far has identified 229844 Recorder-viable records (& still counting..)

I know from discussing this at conference that many of you would relish being able to 'turn back time' & rearrange how their location data especially is stored.

However, I'd like to think of this note as part of the scoping exercise & an extension of some of the topics debated last month.

The implications of getting this right with minimal future tweaking are pretty huge, not least as we should be able to standardise how we get contractors to present their surveys directly into Recorder, not to mention saving paper!

All thoughts welcome, the deadline for this next stage in the end of Jan. but don't let that put ye off!

Rob Bradley