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Although we're still collecting datasets for the whole organisation, a frequent question during site vists has been how well will R6 work with CMS. So far I've simply been saying what's on the box, ie 'It's designed to work well with CMS'. As most conservation mangers are fairly new to using CMS, mainly to produce their managment plans, the advertised links do help to sell R6.  However, I've really got no idea. Does anyone else use CMS & R6 together yet? Any glitches etc?

As mentioned above, ther's no crushing hurry, but it will become an issue to be addressed near Feb-April next year.

Cheers now, Rob.

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Hi Rob,

As you've not had a reply, I thought I would pitch in with a little bit of info.

The developer of CMS is exeGesis ( and they might be able to give some idea of the compatability between the two.

Hope this helps.

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Recieved a fine response directly from David Mitchel regarding how they link. You can see the thread here:

Rob Bradley


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To update this thread, the link that Rob gave above has changed and is now … TOPIC_ID=9.

To keep you up to date on Recorder - CMS links, the annual maintenance release of CMS7 that will come out at the end of September will feature a simple biological recording option. The idea behind this is that site managers are a very important source of biological records but they often do not have access to Recorder or MapMate as that is a small area of their work. By allowing them to record basic observations tagged to their management plans, CMS will act as a collation tool from which exports will package the records into a spreadsheet that can then be sent to their LRC or to their organisational data unit who have full Recorder or MapMate.

CMS will thus only hold the basic core of a record (Site - Species - Date - GridRef - Recorder - Additional Location descriptor - Abundance - Comment). The Recorder Taxon table can be held in CMS allowing species selection by the usual five letter code.

CMS will never become a biological recording database - here we are creating a collation tool within an existing programme for site managers to feed into a biological recording system as our assessment is that too many important records are remaining in note books and heads.

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I have just been looking at the CMS website, and apparently the basic functionality mentioned by David is being extended this year and habitat recording added as well: wrote:

Species and Habitat Recording module

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