Topic: Levana converter for MapMate

Thought this might be of interest to LRCs. I've posted back onto the thread saying I'm interested in an open source tool for converting Levana data.

> Hi all,
> Mark from Teknica sent me the following message for anyone who needs
> to receive or convert data from Levana into a MapMate dataset.
> Ian
>  >>
> It may be interest to some members of the group that: An experimental
> Levana to MapMate conversion utility is available for testing. You can
> download this from:
> This is a zip file containing a .msi install file and a text file with
> instructions. This is intended for XP Home or Pro. The utility can be
> used to create a discrete dataset copy of your Levana data and will
> update this to synchronise any changes to Levana data. Any comments or
> suggestions welcome to support @ as we intend to do a
> version spin on this in future and consider for more general release.
> It was a project from some while back and was put on the back burner
> due to other pressures. We are also considering the possibility of
> making utilities like this 'open source' and wonder if you might
> suggest this to the group to see if there may be any interest. Best
> wishes, Mark