Topic: Queries to assist with record checking/validation/verification

Just in case any of you are not on the MM-users egroup ...

Some time ago I uploaded some queries to the "files" section of the MM-users website that were intended to assist with checking/validating records. The file is called "050107 - Record validation queries general - MH.txt" and includes:

V - Browse all Records in the future: generates a browse list of all records with a date greater than today's date; for records with a date range, this query only looks at the start of the range.

V - Browse all Records of rare species: "rare species" in this query are defined as: any species that MapMate classifies as Red Data Book or Nationally Scarce; plus any species listed as a Priority in the UK BAP (as of 2004); plus any species receiving some degree of protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

V - Browse all Records of rare species in <year>: Same query as above but allows records for a single year to be chosen.

V - Browse all Records of species new to database in <year>: Shows records of all species for which the earliest record on your database is in the year chosen, e.g. can be used to show which species were added to your county list in any year.

V - Browse all Records of species with less than <n> records: This query shows all records of species that have less than a given number of records on your database, e.g. you may want to double-check records of all species with 10 or fewer records on the database.

V - Browse all Recs in <year> of spp with less than <n> recs: As above, but allows you to choose from records for a single year.

I've now added a second file called "051016 - Record validation queries new - MH.txt". This has two additional queries:

V - Browse all Recs in <year> of spp less than <n> tetrads: shows records of all species in a year of your choice, that have been recorded from fewer than a given number of tetrads within your recording area.

V - Browse all Recs in <year 1> of spp not seen since <year 2>: lists all records from the year you are analysing that are of species not recorded since a given year, e.g. you can list all species recorded in 2005 that were last recorded before 2000.

All these queries have associated subqueries, so they are a bit fiddly to load up into MapMate; full instructions are given in the text files. Both text files can be found in: … H%20files/

As usual, contact me direct if you can't get the files from the website, or if you have any corrections/additions/comments about the queries. In particular, the last query (V - Browse all Recs in <year 1> of spp not seen since <year 2>) is rather inelegant, and requires you to enter the same date twice over, but I couldn't find a better way of doing it - any help with this gratefully received.


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