Topic: Recorder 6

This thread is a continuation of the MapMate in LRCs thread on the MapMate forum, which I have now closed.

Is that steam I see coming out of your ears there Tony? wink

I agree, communication has been bad -- hopefully, things will get better now the R2K2 group has taken off, and this forum started.

Regarding working with unfinished products, coming from a background of web design and development, using unfinished products in a production environment has always been fairly common for me. In fact, the CMS I use still hasn't come out of beta, even though I've been using it on and off for nearly 2 years now (it was supposed to hit 1.0 two years ago). Furthermore, 1.0 (or even x.0) versions of software are rarely more than disguised beta versions anyway.

Far from being a play-thing, I now use R6 for producing the reports R2K2 can't do. I use it for doing reports using large polygons, and for cross-checklist reporting, with proper taxonomic sorting. But then, I suspect Recorder in general is a much more intergral part of our workflow than it is yours -- we rely on it every day.

The dictionaries in Recorder are still a major problem. This, I believe, is due to the manual effort involved in transforming the dictionaries provided by the NHM into Recorder format. For me, the #1 request I would have for Recorder is that dictionaries are updated more frequently and more simply.

Regarding compatibility with the NBN Gateway, Recorder (2k or 6) is most definitely not "compatible with the gateway" straight out of the box -- it requires a special add-in that has not been made publicly available in order to export out to the NBN Gateway Transfer Format, which includes only a tiny subset of the fields present in the full NBN data model -- just 17 to be precise, essentially the "who, what, when and where". So long as GUIDs could be converted, ANY database that contained the required information could be converted into NBN gateway transfer format, as long as it contained the basic "who, what, where and what". It would be relatively easy, for example, to create software that could output data from MapMate in NBN gateway transfer format. So that's a myth we can dispell right here -- Recorder isn't required for "NBN Gateway compatibility".

Lastly I thought a common format was "Who, What, Where & When".

A little limited for a full biological database schema isn't it? wink I know what you mean though, and this is almost exactly what the NBN common transfer format consists of, plus a few minor extras, plus a few lines of metadata in the form of XML.

10 years is a long time to wait -- and I suspect I'd be as disappointed as you if I'd had to wait that long -- but thankfully, from what I've seen of R6, I genuinely believe we're starting to see some good things happening, and have something to feel positive about, at long last!