Topic: Petition to get government to move away from Internet Explorer 6

People may have seen this already but it's a petition to encourage government to upgrade away from Internet Explorer 6.

We're trying to support a largely Local Authority audience and move towards providing data directly online through various mechanisms. IE6 is a real headache for developing online applications. I recently tested something that worked fine on Firefox, Safari, Chrome and on IE versions 5, 7 and 8 but not on version 6.

IE 6 isn't the only problem - other things like embargos on using sites like Flickr stop us from easily sharing species id and site photos.

IE6 was written in 2001 and so asking people to only write websites that support IE6 is not unlike asking people to only build mobile applications that would run on a 2001 mobile phone with a little green screen.

There are good reasons for keeping IE6 like not having to rewrite intranet sites and corporate web applications but there's nothing to stop Local Authorities installing a 2nd browser which people could use for sites outside the council allowing us to actually use the technology we've developed to support our core customers.

This isn't an anti-Microsoft campaign. IE8 is generally agreed to be pretty good. It's just a campaign to get government to recognise that people can't continue to support old browsers indefinitely and the requirement to support IE6 for public authority users is stifling creativity and innovation.

Cheers. Dan

Re: Petition to get government to move away from Internet Explorer 6

Politicians suck!

Here's their response:

Government official response