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Hi all,

Just thought I'd bounce an idea off y'all. I know it Friday arvo (!!) but here goes...

Basically, here at GIGL, we have recently been provided with several databases of ecological information, from a variety of sources, and expect to receive more in the near future. I have been trying to work out how best to get this information into Recorder. I'm not sure how cost effective it will be to keep contacting Mike Weideli to work his magic. I am fairly confident in my ability to 'clean' data and extract to a flat file (e.g. spreadsheet format) and am thinking of asking him to build an improved spreadsheet import routine (the existing Import Wizard is very limited). I was just wondering whether such a tool might be useful to any of you guys/ whether we can share the cost/ agree on the key fields that we would want it to handle??

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Hello Matt,

Welcome to the forum. It's a bit difficult for me to comment without specifics, but what I do a lot is to export from spreadsheet/database to tab delimited text files. Once in this format, the power of text manipulation tools can be used to extract and "fold" data into a form the import wizard likes. This does require programming skills, but makes use of freely available software and therefore the cost of development is lower.

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Dave, could you elaborate on what you mean by "folding" data? I'm guessing it's the concatenation of fields? I suspect I'm wrong though.

Matt, I was going to post an answer, but Sally beat me to it on the SELRC email list. I'll post what she said for the benefit of all here:

Sally Rankin wrote:


What fields do you want to import that the Import Wizard won't handle? There are some improvements in the Recorder 6 version that may help and Nicole Thompson said in her e-mail to the Recorder 2002 e-group (9 June) that 'The way the Recorder 6 import wizard is designed, it would be relatively simple to add a new field for grid reference qualifiers. I am sure it would be less than


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I guess what I meant by fold is a combination of concatenation and formatting. e.g. dates, comments, location, escape SQL no no's etc.
Examples have been comments that are spread over a number of columns, GPS coords that are converted to OSGB, dates in um.. "odd" formats.

Sally's comments make sense in that a custom import wizard is, I'm sure, not a trivial task and would reinvent the wheel. Good to note that any required custom changes are not too expensive.

On a side note (maybe a new topic even) does anyone know of the import sequence & rules in SQL that would not break integrity within Recorder. At some point I would like to experiment with import scripts on a test database.

Re: Spreadsheet import to Recorder

Dave, on your last comment, I think Mike Weideli would be your man for that.

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