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Stuart Ball has announced updates to the Import Wizard and Phenology add-ins for Recorder 2002. You can download them from the Recorder add-ins page. I've pasted in the release notes below.

Import Wizard for Recorder 2002 v2.3.4
This tool imports taxon observations from delineated text files or Excel spreadsheets. This version has new facilities to support import of records exported from MapMate and will translate the unique record key ("guk") from MapMate into an NBN style unique key. It includes bug fixes documented on the Recorder 2002 eGroup to 20/04/2004. These include a fix to the Invalid date "01/01/9999" problem, a fix to a small bug that was preventing the help file being installed properly and a fix to the [Make] facility for term-lists. It also includes a change whereby the user is informed if more than one item in the database matches an automated search in the Species, People's names or Locations matching pages. Such items are NOT automatically filled in so that the user must look them up individually and decide which item they wish to use. (1,060 Kb). (1062KB)

Phenology addin for Recorder 2002 v2.3.3
This tool shows a phenology histogram for a taxon. The number of taxon observations falling in each week, fortnight or monthly period is plotted and the image can be saved in various formats or the underlying counts saved as an Excel spreadsheet. Facilities are provided to filter the observations to include or exclude certain categories (e.g. if you wanted to examine the flight period of an insect, you might want to exclude observation of juvenile stages). Fixed version works correctly in Recorder 2002 versions from 2.3.6 (599 Kb) (0KB)


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Thanks for the noticifcation on this as I don't visit the NBN web site as much as I should.

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You should have a look at if you need to be kept informed as to when a page is updated. It seems to work well, and is free.



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Thanks, that's a useful tool.