Topic: Image Mapinfo registering - stepped lines problem

I'm a dedicated ESRI fan but use Mapinfo at work.

I had an issue with an OS10k grid polygon layer in Mapinfo that showed stepping in it.
This was drawn over a raster backdrop, registered in MApinfo.
This stepping appeared in all outputs and made the maps less than adequate.

When I redrew this grid in a new workspace - no stepping.
It was only when I added the backdrop that the stepping came to the fore.

I then tried using a raster from ArcMap (tif/tfw) that had been georeferenced, alongside the grid.
The grid draws fine.

So my thinking is, that as mapinfo resamples the image 'on the fly' using the tab file it distorts the drawing in the workspace with the subsequent stepping problem for vector layers.
However, the ESRI raster has already been resampled in the georeferencing process and so doesnt need to be distorted (just shifted in space by the tfw file). Hence no stepping.

My current solution therefore would be to use ArcView to rectify the image before adding it to MApinfo...! Slightly absurd.

So... the questions would be;
Have other folk come across this issue in MApinfo?
Do you have a solution?
Is their a way of resampling images in MApinfo in the same way as ESRI?