Topic: Habitat inventory forum

It's been suggested by some of the LRCs working on habitat inventories for Natural England that an on-line forum dedicated to this topic would be useful.  This would provide a focal point for addressing questions on existing guidance and tools and interpretation of survey data.  It could also facilitate discussion on the future direction of habitat inventory work and the tools needed to support this.

I would be grateful for feedback on whether you think such a forum would be useful, the focus of the forum and whether the ALERC or the NBN websites would be the most appropriate home.

Richard Alexander
Natural England

Re: Habitat inventory forum

Dear RIchard,

There has been a lot of work in the SOuth East regarding the tecnical aspects of habitat inventories and we are putting together an agreed attribute table for us all to use in the regional habitat framework.  I think that this forum would be a good place to have threads relating to such issues.  What do others think?

Best wishes
Henri Brocklebank
Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre


Re: Habitat inventory forum

Good idea. I just recently posted a Pond Habitat related topic on the GIS forum, as that was the best home I could think of for it. The development of fit for purpose mappable definitions of the new Priority Habitats would be useful. Perhaps the forum should be BAP Habitats (as opposed to NE Habitat Inventory updates). I don't know what mapping standards (etc) are employed in Wales and Scotland, for example. I've advised colleagues in SEWBREC to use the Natural England attributes, but this was a decision made in isolation (hopefully the correct one!). Steve