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The NBN are developing use of the NBN Gateway and they're soliciting for ideas (see below). I suggested an extension for ArcGIS that would allow pulling down NBN hosted data directly into the application. If there is enough interested there could be scope for getting something developed jointly.

Geoff Johnson wrote:

Developing use of the NBN

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This is interesting, we ran a trial of software for MapInfo several years ago, written for the gateway to retrieve data to GIS. It did work. I'm still awaiting the release of the software. There is some hope in that a contract was recently given to investigate/demonstrate the use of the gateway in the planning process. The aim being to make the resulting code available for others to make use of. How generic it will be I cannot say and it is being undertaken by the authors of the first project mentioned above.
SERC were unsuccessful in it's bid to carry out this work. Our intention has been for BioPlan to access the gateway for data as part of it's processing of planning applications. So we eagerly await the results. This makes it somewhat surprising that item 2. is there although it could be a wider or more generic planning relationship that they are referring to.

Thank you Charles, I think I may have another idea......

Tony Price
Data Manager, Somerset Environmental Records Centre (SERC)

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GiGL in London apparently have a MapInfo tool that does the job. Is your tool and GiGL's tool related?

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