Topic: Extracting from MapMate using protected and notable species lists


I am trying to extract all the protected and notable species from our current MapMate database.  I have various protected species lists that I can use/combine to extract the species via an Access query, e.g. JNCC's latest taxon designation spreadsheet available on their website.  However, there many species onthe JNCC list that are not found in MapMate's taxa table.  It could be that these species are not in MapMate, or it could be that they have a different name or spelling.  I can't think of a solution without going through each one individually to find the correct name.

Has anyone already done similar matching, and if so what was your solution?  Any help/advise anyone can give would be appreciated.


Andy Foy
Ecologist & IT consultant
Andy Foy Consulting (ex-HBIC)

Re: Extracting from MapMate using protected and notable species lists


I've been working through this issue as well. Some of the species in the JNCC list are not in MapMate (especially the marine ones), but most are. I have gone through the species individually and matched quite a lot of them but not all (there is still a lot to do for the fungi and insects), and I have an Access database table that links designations to MapMate taxa (including the revised UK BAP list). I'll email the table to you you direct. The usual disclaimers apply: it is work in progress, it is not 100% complete, there may be inaccuracies, and I'd love to have more hours in the day to do the job properly (but apart from that it's perfect!).


Martin Harvey