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General question - how many LERCs now set up in UK? How many of these are ALERC members? How many of these are ALERC accredited?

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Re: LERCs in UK

I guess Tom will give you more info (the ALERC conference is today so it is probably a bit quiet on here! - see tweets at … ;src=tyah)

But there are a few things on the ALERC website, particularly the map of LERCs (green are members, red are not) - view these by clicking on *Show Boundaries* at
- this map generally assumes one LERC per geographic area but there are some overlaps in Scotland and some places where two organisations are running that provide LERC-style services and are not working together (there are of course other areas where organisations work in partnership to cover different LERC functions).

In 2015 when the ALERC strategy was produced there were 42 ALERC members. … aft_v3.pdf

The accredited members are listed at

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